Dan Fenaughty  
Eastern Principal Delegate

Member since 2013
(EMC from 2010 - 2013)
Worked with 11 different theaters in 17 productions across the country over the past 7 years.
Often volunteering to be the deputy in order to learn about different contracts
Works with business reps to protect our membership all while helping, building & educating theaters.
Eager to learn more about our constitution and work to make it more perfect.

WE must meet this current moment head on with clear, considerate vision. Our industry is facing major changes, our membership is in crisis and our audience will be seeking our performances soon. We must be ready, responsive and responsible. Our union structure needs to be ready to meet the world it will inherit once we return to our version of “full employment”. We must be responsive to our members allowing them to see the benefits of our Union at work as well as working with theaters to maintain weeks and raise our value in their eyes, and budgets. We must be responsible to our members who are eager to return to work, but must not sacrifice our health or healthcare in the process. 

 I have been wavering between hope and fear during this time of “intermission”, but I have chosen to be optimistic and proactive. For all 7 years of my Union membership I have desired to become more involved in our governance and now is that moment. This shutdown has afforded the time for reflection, gratitude and opportunity. I seek your support as I run to be an Eastern Principal Delegate in the first two upcoming conventions. I believe in the power of our collective bargaining. I have experienced our unions protection and power first hand, as well as witnessed the shortcomings of its structure. We must seek to fix it. 

I will support initiatives that facilitate more work weeks while increasing the worth of our members' contribution to the theaters that employ us. We should be seen as an asset, a benefit worthy of our humanity and not seen as a burden.  I promise to be transparent and considerate in my decisions and look to represent all our members and encourage our future members to see the value in joining.

I will use all the experience from working with different theaters, contracts and colleagues to my advantage. Thank you for your consideration and I ask that you support me and a variety of member delegates to ensure our delegation body be more representative of our memberships diversity.

In solidarity, 



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