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Dan Fenaughty
A Gentleman Actor

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I am a proud Equity Actor based out of NYC where I live with my wife, Larissa and our small pup, Chuck. I have been working and traveling around the country for the better part of a decade and couldn't be happier with the friendships and opportunities I have been able to create.  My time is split between musicals, plays, TV and commercials, but my favorite projects are those that surprise me. And of course I always welcome the chance to work with my wife. Contact me to find out more information and how we can start working together today.

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The year of the shut down

I was one of the lucky few to work in 2020 without getting shut down. From January to February I had the honor of performing for the second time at Riverside Theater in Vero Beach, Florida. This was my 6th endeavor into THE 39 STEPS and the show still has so much to give. We performed as the world learned about the Covid-19 virus for the first time never knowing what we were in for.  
   Once I returned to the city things quickly became clear that the industry was about to change. Broadway shutdown and NYC became the epicenter of the crisis. My wife and I stayed for the first 9 weeks of the shutdown, then retreated to a family home in rural Pennsylvania. Returning to NYC in the fall, we found our city bruised but not broken and took steps to support small local and regional theater companies through charitable fundraising. Together with friend and family we raised enough funds to support over 10 important theaters in their hours of need. The year ended with hope on the horizon with both of us booking a pharmaceutical commercial. 

Cinema Complex
Hiking in Nature

"You don't need to be at the top of your mountain to help those behind you up to where you are."

- The Gentleman Actor

Check back here for all upcoming info about my future podcast project.


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